May God Bless You with Truth, Love, Power, and Wisdom.
  We are so glad you stopped by our website. It is really an Honor to share the truth of God with you. If you truly search for God with all your heart, he will reveal himself to you. When you look for God, with all of your heart and mind you will find him. Once you find God  (and you will if you really look) he will bless your life beyond anything you can ask, or even imagine as long as you do one thing. (Obey what he tells you!) Don't take my word for it, see for yourself and you guage the results based upon the facts and not just an opinion. God himself will Lead you and guide you to All Truths through the Power of His Holy Spirit.
Teaching The Truth About Our Blood Covenant With Christ
How much Time is Left?
  Victory or Death
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Jesus Took Our Death            
So We Can Have Life
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This Website Was Made To PRAISE And HONOR GOD First And Foremost! 
Teach People WHO GOD IS, And HOW MUCH GOD LOVES Every Man, Woman, And Child!
Teach People How To Break The Curse Of Sin And Recieve Gods Gift of Eternal Life.
Expose The Truth About False Teachers, Preachers, Profits, And Churches.
Provide A Free Church Search To Find Churches anywhere in the USA
Provide A Free Bible Search To Help Find Scriptures In The Truth Of Gods Word.
Provide A Free Bible Download For Anyone World Wide, Who Needs Gods Word.
Able Ministries
Able Ministries
     Raising the Banner of Christ Jesus
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  Once you understand that God is Active and Living, and you want to let him save you from sin and Death, (Eternal Seperation.)  You Must Trust In JESUS.  Jesus is the only begotten Son of the One True and Living God. Jesus is the Beginning and the End. No one can get saved and come into the salvation of Eternity with God, without the forgiveness of Jesus. Jesus Is the Way the Truth and The Life.
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